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Nairobi, Kenya

Daniel and Lenah Kithongo

Church planting with The Africa Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Nairobi, Kenya

Daniel and Lenah In 1977 Daniel joined Bible College, and in 1978 he married Lenah, who joined him at the college. They were blessed with their first child, Ruthie, in January 1979.  June 1, 1980, he was ordained as a pastor of the Maai congregation in the Mwingi District, Kenya, by the Presbytery of Africa Evangelical Presbyterian. From 1980 to 1991, he served in the rural churches where for nine of those years he served as moderator. At that time, there was only one presbytery in the country of Kenya. Daniel and Lenah were blessed with three more children during those years, Josiah in 1981, Simon in 1983, and Karl in 1985.  They moved to the city of Nakuru where they served from 1992 to 1993.

While there, God gave Daniel a vision for church planting in Nairobi. So in June 1993, they moved into the city of Nairobi where he worked with the Korean community for four years. During that time, he attended Day Star University where he obtained a diploma in Christian ministries. After much preparation and training, they moved towards the Eastlands of the city of Nairobi, where they started church planting.  From 1999 to 2003, he was again elected as a moderator for the General Assembly. Today there are five presbyteries in the Africa Evangelical Presbyterian Church.

Currently Rev. Kithongo's church is looking to provide a nursery that will minister to parents needing child care while providing bible teaching to the children. This will be an important evangelistic part of the church.

Josiah graduated in 2012 with his Masters of Divinity at Reformed Theological Seminary in Oviedo. After serving as Covenant's worship leader for several years, he now serves at a PCA church in Stuart, FL.


Imbumi and Martha Makuku

Serving with The Kibera Presbyterian Church in Kibera, the largest inner city slum in Nairobi

Children: Elmer and Isaac

The Makuku Family Imbumi received his Master of Divinity Degree at RTS Orlando, and he and his wife Martha were members of Covenant Presbyterian Church during their time here in the states. After graduating, they returned home to Kibera, started a family, and planted a church with the African Evangelical Church. Imbumi pastors the Kibera Presbyterian Church. Kibera is one of the largest inner city slums in the world with nearly one million people in 3 square kilometers. The Church has a very strong gospel-centered outreach to the community that involves medical, educational and spiritual outreach that also meets the physical needs of the community. The Church sponsors kids to school as well as having its own little school with about 150 kids. There are several outreach ministries provided by the Church including Neema Grace HIV support group and PMCT outreach, a feeding program, Bible studies, youth outreach and camps. The Church also has summer internships for born again American college students.